My Adam Payne Chat

I hope you enjoy my chat with Adam Payne via Zoom. My first ever Zoom recording but it didn’t turn out too bad and we covered a lot of ground, some of which I hope is of interest – if only to get to ‘know the face’ behind The Productive Pensioner 🧔🏻

WARNING: Contains some ‘Strong Language’ that may offend!

I edited the video using Filmora ( free trial) to add lower-thirds and outro credits.

Sites we mentioned in the video:

We, of course, also chatted about Adam’s Video Marketing Insider Membership

I also recommend Adam’s YouTube Channel Mastery Reloaded course…

And his most recent: VMI: Embedinate App to get your video embedded on multiple web 2.0 properties

But don’t worry if you are not sure yet whether using YouTube videos to create a secondary income is for you – it’s Early Days! Keep going through The Productive Pensioner until you find a method that IS a fit for YOU!