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So What Is PLR Content Anyway?

PLR stands for private label rights. Purchasing the rights to use something that’s already been created and can be used as-is, but to have the option to dress it up as your very own and package it in a way that makes sense for your audience or customer. In the case of content, that means you can edit it, put your name on it as the author, add images, bundle it with other content, elaborate on it to make new content, etc…

In short, it’s content that you didn’t have to write or create, but it’s yours to use as if you did.

Most PLR packages will come with easy to understand terms and rights. Make sure to double-check the rights for the package you purchase before you use it.

Use PLR to Create Lead Magnets and eBooks

You can buy a done-for-you PLR ebook, add a bit of customization (or use it as-is if you want), and offer that as the opt-in incentive to join your mailing list. It’s a great shortcut if you’re just getting started creating your first website and your first mailing list. Heck, it’s a great shortcut even if you’re building your two-hundredth website and mailing list.

If you don’t come across any PLR ebooks in your niche, but you do find some article bundles and packages, just grab those and combine the articles together to create your report.

Or you can set them up to drip with your auto-responder and call it an e-course, or a tip series, or however you want to word things so that they make the most sense for your audience.

The problem is that there’s a LOT of ‘Crap’ PLR out there!

These are my PLR Ports of Call when looking for content I can give away for free in exchange for an email address ( just remember that the ‘free’ stuff has to be ‘niche’ related and, at least in part, address the ‘problem’ your audience needs help with)…

With over 76,000 members, IDPLR stands as the largest PLR membership site since 2008. The membership option is how this site stands out from other PLR sources, and the paid membership will grant you unlimited access to all products without having to pay for every single download.

The membership options range from 3 months1 year, to lifetime. The one-time fee of $89 gives you full access and no renewal fees

Currently, there are over 12k PLR products in different categories and various licensing types – all the categories are being constantly updated.

The overall quality of the products inside is kind of average, and this works best for those who need a lot of PLR products on a small budget.

Available product categories:

– eBooks
– Articles
– Videos
 (training, tutorials, courses,)
– Graphics (banners, product covers)
– Software (WordPress plugins)
– Audios (tutorials, training, music)
– Templates (landing/sales pages, WordPress themes, niche websites )

License Options:

– Private Laber Rights (PLR)
– Resell Rights (RR)
– Master Resell Rights (MRR)
– Giveaway
– Personal Use


3-month membership – $39
1-year membership – $69
Lifetime – $89


Or Go The Whole Hog!

The difference between Nicheology and all of the above is that not only do you get access to ‘fresh’ content every month – across multiple niches – to use on your Squeeze Pages in exchange for an email address, BUT also full products to sell as your own to those new happy subscribers!

Sell those products at whatever price you choose and keep ALL the revenue.

My personal favorite tactic is to sell them at a ‘low’ price to generate immediate income and a financial commitment from your new subscriber before taking them to a pricier offer – my own or a High Ticket affiliate offer.

The in-house jargon for that is a ‘Tripwire’ purchase:

A tripwire is an irresistible, low priced offer that’s sole purpose is to convert an audience into customers. This small offer helps accelerate the buyer’s journey by letting customers dip their toes in without having to make a big purchase.

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