Best Redirect Script For Squeeze Pages

[ Redirect:
A process whereby an action on a website takes the user to an unspecified url — code on a url that forwards the visitor to another url.]

Let’s now look at the options you have once a visitor has added their e-mail to your Optin/Squeeze Page.

First and foremost as they have now been added to your autoresponder’s email campaign they will, within minutes, receive your welcome email in their Inbox giving the details on how to access their ‘gift’ via your ‘Delivery’ page

But where are they taken once they have clicked the ‘Submit Button’ to send us their email?


A ‘Thank You’ page telling them to go check their Inbox. Kind of generic and something of a missed opportunity in my book!


They are redirected immediately to your Gift ‘Delivery’ Page – the same URL mentioned in your Welcome email. Once again while fine (and what most marketers do) again: missed opportunities.


They are taken to a low price point related offer.

Problem with that is that it can appear pushy without them being given an explanation as to why they are there. You can get around this by taking them to a ‘Thank You’ page along the lines of:

“Congratulations, I have just sent you an email with Access Details for XXXX, it should arrive in the next few minutes.

In the meantime I came across this smart course recently which will work great in tandem with XXXX

Click here if you are not taken their automatically in the next few seconds.”

This page will have a 10 second redirect delay so that they have time to read the message above before they are taken to that ‘paid’ offer.

The code on that page, in the source code, would look something like:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10;url=" />

In this instance the page would redirect to after 10 seconds. Problem with this is that Internet speeds vary – you want to give them time to see/hear your Thank You message before being redirected OR they get jumped to your paid affiliated offer too quickly.


This is my preferred option.

The ‘Thank You’ page shows a short video thanking them for subscribing etc. and telling them to look out for the email with ‘Delivery Page’ details.

Then you ask them to check out a low cost offer that is super related.

It can be just a slideshow of text which is fine ( you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to) and asking them to check that offer out “Click The Button Under This Video” to this cool course/offer/software that will help them.

Clicking that button or text link takes them to a low cost (preferably!) offer that is highly related to your free gift. That offer would either be your own or one for which you receive an affiliate commission.

Now obviously only a small percentage of your new subscribers will visit that offer but that’s to be expected – you are going to link to that offer again ( or a similar one)in your first or second email to them in your Autoresponder sequence and it will be linked to on your ‘Delivery’ page too.

I ramp up this method by using IntelliPlayer

The short ‘thank you’ video I embed on my Thank You page redirects to the paid offer when it finishes playing!

Sure there will still be a link to the offer beneath the video too but this increases the number of new subscribers that will see the offer (which is why it should be low cost and have a good sales page!) and using IntelliPlayer solves the issue of them being redirected too quickly or slowly to the follow up offer.

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NOTE: If you are driving traffic via ‘paid’ traffic e.g. Bing,Google, Facebook or YouTube use Options #1 or #2 or #4 as paid traffic generally does not approve of redirects.


After signing up on your ‘Squeeze’ Page…
They are taken to your ‘Thank You’ page…
This features a video/slideshow explaining that they will receive a Welcome email shortly…
(That email will have a link to your ‘Gift Delivery’ page which will also have a link to the paid offer)…
Which is the same offer you are going to talk about in your ‘Thank You’ page video (with a link) – or a redirect using a video created with IntelliPlayer

The whole point of this exercise is to take your new Subscriber to a paid offer on Day #1.

Furthermore if you are sending traffic to your Squeeze pages via paid traffic of one kind or another this is how to recoup your Ad investment straight away, or close to that.

Once your Ad Spend is less than your profit: R.O.I. (Return On Investment) that’s the ‘sweet spot’!


Optin/Squeeze Pages can be used differently as to where your subscriber goes after entering their email.

Split Test all options to see which one works best for you. For me Option #4 works best.

And no it’s not skullduggery or dodgy tactics – it’s about making it easy for your Subscribers.

In fact you can see the whole process in action by subscribing on the Evergreen Money Pages Squeeze Page if you haven’t done so already.

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