Best Video Animation Software?


Personally I pass on the latest ‘must have’ video animation software!

There are way better options out there if you are serious about creating cool animated videos. Why settle for software that’s promoted as being unique and special when in fact there are way cooler video animation software and apps out there? I have some example for you below.

If you are NOT serious about that aspect of video creation why waste your money on what is essentially a second rate animation app. with no proven track record? Sure the sales page looks great and we are all suckers for a good deal and smart sales copy…

I get it! It looks cool – as did all those other video creation tools that (maybe) you bought but don’t actually use any more – if you ever did! I personally no longer use Explaindio, VideoMaker FX or Scribd and Sparkol – if you DO then more power to you and respect. Personally I’ve moved on.

So here are the three best animated video software tools I own and use. Tools that have a track record of updates and that have been created by a team of professionals that know what they are doing and not just as the latest ‘shiny object‘ to entice wannabe marketers with a low price point – often here today, gone tomorrow!


I LOVE this particular software and have been using and upgrading for years! CrazyTalk 8 by Reallusion. I’ve been a user since way back to CrazyTalk 3.0 and the best thing I can do for you and show it in action below, something I created for a recent product of mine. Have you ever seen video animation software like this before? Not expensive either with a built in library of around a dozen characters, motions, backgrounds, accessories ( e.g. wardrobe add-ons) with more available to buy from the Reallussion Store. Built in music soundtracks too

Crazy Talk - best video animation software

Apart from the ‘WOW’ factor of CrazyTalk I like the fact that I can import an audio file – created and edited using the free Audacity app. – so it speeds up the video creation process and looks way cool plus it’s not just lip synching, you can animate the whole face with add-on ‘motions’ – I think I’ve bought them all but head-wise I tend to stick to my 2D favorites. I frickin’ LOVE this way cool video animation App! Here’s an example… (one I prepared earlier 🙂

While I like the 2D heads there are a number of very realistic 3D heads too, plus the ubiquitous cat!

Best Video Animation #2

Now Powtoon has been around for a while and let’s be honest it makes ‘Animation Studio’ look like a lightweight. They have a free version ( comes with a Powtoon watermark, bottom right, which is not too intrusive) and produces great animation. Start from scratch or choose a template and edit it. There is a bit of a learning curve but don’t let that put you off you’ll soon be creating an animated masterpiece.

From animated Explainer style videos, infographic videos to video ads Powtoon is a great software, constantly updated and I first came across it around 5 years ago and it does way more now than it did then.

CrazyTalk Animator

Best Video Animation #3

Also from the Reallusion software stable this is NEW! If you have an iPhone 10 you can even sync the software on your computer with an app. on your phone and create your own expressions – simply amazing….

But even without the app. this is another great bit of software with built in heads and like CrazyTalk 8 comes with a library of heads and FX with more available for purchase from their store.








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