Video Marketing Insider Review | Why I stopped teaching YouTube marketing – Clive’s BIG Kick Ass Review

Video Marketing Insider Review

Introduction… It’s a hell of a thing to admit to, but as guy who has made his name in the internet marketing arena primarily via producing very cool ( if I say so myself!) and well received YouTube marketing training… Continue Reading


Explainer Video Script – Free Template – Keep Your Viewers Engaged! Hurrah!

Expainer Video Script Template

Explainer video script advice – here’s my 2 cents and an example… Explainer Video Script Template I just thought I’d share the video script template I’m using for Explainer Videos, Affiliate or CPA Promotional Videos or any Review Video: Amazon,… Continue Reading


Effective Video Marketing Strategies for Local Business Consultants – 1 in a series

video marketing strategies for offline business consultants

Video Marketing Strategies for Local Business Consultants Whether you’ve been into Video marketing for a while now or have just got started – hopefully off the back of some of my SEO Training i.e. Tube Commandments, Bam Bam Backlinks or… Continue Reading