Clean Up My Email List

Once you have created a decent sized email list(s) of Subscribers it’s important that once a month or so you login to your Autoresponder account and do some Housekeeping!


It’s an unfortunate fact that in today’s world of information overload not everybody is going to open all your emails to them. That’s just the way it is.

But if a subscriber on your list has never opened any of your emails, ever, then why keep them on your list?

There are two reasons not to:

MONEY: As your lists get larger the Autoresponder companies charge more. So 5000 subscribers costs more to maintain in monthly fees than 2500. So cleaning out the deadwood makes financial sense.

DELIVERABILITY: Unopened emails are monitored by the big email companies like GMail, AOL etc. If they notice a large number of your mails are not being opened then this is reflected across their platforms – suddenly subscribers that DO open your emails, or new subscribers, will only see your emails if they check their Spam folder!

Also, especially using the ‘single optin’- as I recommend when setting up your campaigns – people may mistype their email, or give a false one. Housekeeping cleans out those ‘dead’ emails too.

So while it’s cool to have a list of 10,000 subscribers it means little if a large percentage never open them and can in fact adversely affect delivery. So cleaning house once in awhile makes good sense.

It’s important though not to be too heavy handed, you don’t have to delete them out of hand – simply create a new Campaign in your Autoresponder and export them to that list and give them a second chance with some specific emails just to them.

Then if still no opens or responses then delete them from your account.

Here’s a very good explanatory video on how to go about that:

I choose the less aggressive method as shown in the video above i.e. moving them to a new campaign.

For a more aggressive method see here ( it’s a better video too but a bit too extreme for me):

This is for GetResponse, that I use, but other Autoresponders have similar tools

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Judge the quality of your list by how often people open your emails rather than the number of Subscribers on a list!

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