Click Magick Review – Track Your Links!

So why this Click Magick review?

Look! Here’s the mistake I used to make ( and see a 99% of Marketers making today) : I would throw up content onto the Web. Sure, I’d get traffic and sales but I had NO idea ( pre Click Magick) where the traffic ( and sales) came from. I eventually realised that this was not only dumb and simply my being lazy. Plus it had a massive impact on my knowing where to focus when I had no idea where my click throughs came from:

  • My YouTube videos?
  • My Blog posts?
  • My Facebook Page or Groups?

Maybe you use other platforms on the web to drive traffic to your Money Pages: Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. That’s up to you and what you are comfortable with online.

The point is that if you are spending an equal amount of your valuable time on every aspect of your Traffic Plan but have no idea which aspect is getting you results and which is a Dead Duck then you are in Marketing Limbo and working in the dark. So don’t be as dumb as I was!

Why Track Links & Clicks Anyway?

We can use various free tools such as Google Ananlytics or various statistics programs on our hosting account to get an idea of how many page views we get over time and where they come from – and that’s all well and good. But as it becomes harder and harder to stand out in a very crowded internet simply from search engine rankings and ‘organic’ traffic many savvy marketers invest in paid traffic to generate leads, views and, all being well, sales.

Now paid traffic can come from any number of sources – ‘Pay Per Click’ ads on Google, Bing, YouTube or Facebook and more to drive traffic anywhere you choose. Driving traffic to Optin Squeeze pages to build a list of subscribers by purchasing Solo Ads is another. The issue here is how do you differentiate between random traffic and the traffic you have paid for?

Not knowing will cost you money it’s simple as that. That’s where Click Magick comes into the frame.

Click Magick Free Trial

Click Magick has a ‘no restrictions’ 14 Day Free Trial and the training videos to get you up and running fast are comprehensive

Click for 14 Day Click Magick Trial

Click Magick

Free Trial then plans start at $12 p.m.



Lesson Quality




Complete Training


Professional Delivery



  • No Limits 'Free Trial' Offer
  • Fanatical Support!
  • Does What It Says On The Tin!
  • Constantly Updated
  • Cancel anytime


  • Only for Serious Marketers
  • There IS a Learning Curve
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