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I’ll be honest I’m a lazy marketer. Whenever I find software that makes my life easier and simpler I grab it!

The problem with that attitude is that I bought more than a few duds over the years!

And, yes. back in the day, I was OK with doing all this stuff manually until I realized that my ‘time’ was/is valuable!

The thing is that, in the past, we HAD to do all this stuff manually via GREAT sites like IFTTT and Onlywire and similar and you can still go that route for sure. I’m just not prepared to spend the time anymore. I am all about automation these days!

The fundamental idea of tiered link building is to create several layers of backlinks with each layer pointing at the layer above it until finally you reach the first layer (tier 1) which points directly at your site.

  • Tier 1: Pointing directly at your website.
  • Tier 2: Pointing to your tier 1 links.
  • Tier 3: Pointing to your tier 2 links

By using tiered link building you can pass valuable link juice to your money sites through each link layer.

Here’s an example of a simple 2 Tier Backlink setup,,,

Use the Mind Map Controls (bottom right) or visit in a new window HERE

In this instance, we have created a few Web 2.0 sites ( Blogger, Tumblr etc.) and then send lots of Social Bookmarking to those Tier 1 sites ( which we constantly strengthen by adding new niche related content to regularly).

Sure you can do this yourself – but it’s time consuming.

OR pay somebody else to set up a good backlinking network for you ( I recommend THIS GUY)

BUT I mostly use RankSnap to create, and drip feed content tom Web 2.0 sites that the tool sets up for me and it does the Social Bookmarking too.

Simply put the fastest way I’ve found to build Backlinking campaigns and keep making them stronger over time.

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