Effective Video Marketing Strategies for Local Business Consultants – 1 in a series

Video Marketing Strategies for Local Business Consultants

Whether you’ve been into Video marketing for a while now or have just got started – hopefully off the back of some of my SEO Training i.e. Tube Commandments, Bam Bam Backlinks or both you are faced with a choice…

WHAT, OR WHO, TO PROMOTE ( The WHY goes without saying: It’s profitable!)

  • Offline Businesses?
  • E-commerce Products ( e.g. Amazon, or Drop Shipping)?
  • Affiliate Products ( e.g Evergreen Products, CPA Offers or new Product Launches)?

This is the first in series of how best use our Video Marketing savvy to grab leads and/or make sales by ranking our videos. SO, Let’s get our Thinking Caps on 🙂

In this post I want to focus on Offline not least because, when done right, it can be the most profitable – on a recurring basis – and local offline business videos can also be the easiest to rank, certainly on YouTube and often on Google too. If you present an Offline Business owner with PROOF of an already ranked video for their targeted search terms and elect to be paid on results – how can they say No?

Target the right businesses and easily create residual income of $1000, $2000+ dollars per month per video!

DOWNSIDE? Yes, but only if you have a problem with dealing with clients. Trust me they will be calling you up a LOT if their leads dry up or do not convert. Nature of the Beast!

Video Marketers out there are doing that right now, month in and month out, and the majority of them do NOT have the SEO training that you do! FACT!


First, you need to choose the type of offline business you want to promote and while you can choose businesses like Restaurants and Night Clubs most offline marketing consultants tend to focus on businesses that will pay the most for a lead:

  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic Surgeons and the like

And while that’s all well and good maybe think a bit harder, and out of the box, and focus on people facing emergencies, stuff that needs fixing RIGHT NOW!:

  • Roof Repair
  • Shop Front Glass Replacement
  • Boiler/AC Repair

and so on.

Offline Business - Loft Conversion companiesHow about businesses I see in action every time I walk down the residential streets of London or any town or city:

  • Cellar/Basement Conversions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Kitchen Extensions


High Ticket items via businesses that will happily pay you serious money just to get a phone call that they can convert into a four, five or six figure payday. Leads that you can charge Premium Rates for, month in and month out. Even if they stop paying you it’s super simple to send your leads to their competition!

So let’s say you’ve picked your target business, what’s next?

  1. Keyword research ( See Tube Commandments Module 1)
  2. Video Creation and Optimization ( See Tube Commandments Modules 3, 4 and 5)
  3. See how you rank after a few days
  4. Add a few Backlinks ( Bam Bam Backlinks – choose ONE tactic and monitor)

So how can you speed the process up? For me, it’s the actual video creation – having a generic Done For Me video that I can optimize pre-uploading to YouTube and optimizing the heck out of it for my local search terms before making it Public on YouTube and the web.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there for Video Marketers targeting Offline Businesses. One I can recommend is:

Video Marketing Videos for Offline Businesses

Created by Ray Lane, who I know well – maybe you do too. As well as being a successful Video Marketer Ray has a very successful Offline Business Consultancy and has created a whole load of videos that we can use too in our geographical ‘neck of the woods‘! 200+ no less!

The beauty of these videos is that you can edit them and SEO them for your area – the towns you are targeting – they are professionally created and simply put will do the business for YOUR offline consultancy video marketing business. Nobody else that I know of is offering this kind of Done4U service.

Let me walk you through what’s on offer to date:





  1. Opinion is divided as to whether to put the Company’s telephone number in the video Title ( so it’s seen in Google Search results). Why not add it to your customized video thumbnail?
  2. Think about adding a 20 second ‘End Screen’ to your video – that you can make ‘clickable’ to your ‘associated’ website and as a consequence avoid ‘related videos’ showing up too quickly.
  3. Be sure to create a new Channel for each Business. Playlists too and Optimize across the board. DON’T go Black Hat silly! You have the tools just don’t go mad 🙂




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