Email Follow Up Sequence

Once a subscriber is on your list you can contact them at will by:

  • Sending them a regular Newsletter
  • Send them an email at will ( also known as a Broadcast Email)
  • Send them a series of pre-written emails on auto-pilot and select when they receive those emails

Option #1 might be for you if you want your subscribers to know about new content on your blog or YouTube Channel for example and would include links to your recent posts or videos.

Those post/videos could either give simply cool free content or include reviews and links to affiliate products that you use – or both.

Option #2 would be when you have just heard about a new product that’s just come out, a product that you are affiliated with but like and want to recommend.

Option #3 would be to create a series of emails and load them into your autoresponder to be sent at set intervals.

New subscribers would receive email #1 on such and such a day and email #2 the next and so on.

As long as you keep adding emails to the series this could go on forever or until such time as they choose to unsubscribe.

Since you obviously don’t want them to unsubscribe those ‘automated’ emails should be useful, friendly and informative and not just a bunch of ‘Buy This product’ type B.S. that most wannabe marketers send out.

My emails to you, I hope you agree, contain solid info on building an Evergreen Money Page business of your own!

Your subscriber list is your most valuable asset and so you should treat it, and the individuals on it, with respect.

As a subscriber to MY list I want to send you actionable information that will help you emulate what I do online.

Now how often you send those automated emails is open to debate. Daily, every 2 days? Once a week? I choose every 2 days usually.

The things to take into account are that, whatever you choose, you should be consistent. Also in today’s world of information overload if you DON’T email often your subscribers could forget about you and why they signed up in the first place.

So while sending emails daily sounds like a lot of hard work it is work you need do only once. Just be sure that they contain good useful content that your subscribers will find of interest and don’t be shy about recommending a product that will help them out once in a while.

Basically I try and send the type of email that I would like to receive myself. Emails that contain links and details about a free resource or informative blog posts pertaining to my niche.


Instead of just sending your new subscribers a ‘cosy’ email, maybe with an affiliate offer thrown in as an ‘afterthought’…

Why not send them something motivational?

Maybe a link to a cool Youtube Video or a Blog Post that will help them out in some way?

Now that video, or inspirational post, can sit on YOUR site ( best option) or not. The point is that it has to be relevant to them.

And if you want to monetize that then it’s your call to do that or not.


I know that following this course gives you the tactics and tools to build an Evergreen Money Page of your own and all that will hold you back is your not taking action or getting demotivated – and if you are not finding my emails or Blog Posts, Videos etc. useful please ‘Unsubscribe’ from my list, there’s a link in all my emails to do that.

SERIOUSLY! If you don’t find my input or insights useful please unsubscribe, no problem, we can just go our separate ways and no hard feelings.

My emails, I hope, address the problem we all have when trying to make a go of it online – reminding you to get back on track and inspiring you to keep going and not get distracted. Certainly before I gained success online it was because I constantly got distracted – specifically by the latest silver bullet/loophole/shortcut or gimmick

Are my emails intrusive? Are they ‘salesy’ I sure hope not. They send you to cool motivational videos, or other content on my Blog or YouTube Channel. THAT’S IT!

OF COURSE I’ll recommend worthwhile products to you from time to time but that’s my job!

But the point is this:

  • My Blog posts are going to get views and comments and get ranked higher in the search engine results on the back of that.
  • My videos are going to get more views and rank higher accordingly

Sending my new subscribers, i.e. you, to links on my Blog or YT Channel as opposed to a just a load of affiliate offers makes more sense to me and will be of more use to you


PLUS My Blog and YT Channel are going to be promoting my ‘stuff’ and my affiliated ‘stuff’. The very fact that you are here means you can see this in action! Emulate it because it works!

Every email I send you – every product I promote. Every Free Resource or Motivational video is there to inspire you or be of use. Take on board what works for you, disregard everything else!

Feel free to be inspired just don’t blatantly rip off my content!!!

Your Call! Just make it your own!

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Your list and the people on it should be respected, they are your customers, friends and more. Do not offend them by being too ‘salesy’ or pushy!

Good content on your Blog or related Social Media sites is the way to go. Drive your subscribers to that cool content on your social media platforms of choice – it’s legit, helps them out AND gets those Social Media post and/or videos get ranked higher – which is a nice spin off for being an honest affiliate marketer! YAY!

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