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Explainer video script advice – here’s my 2 cents and an example…

Explainer Video Script Template

I just thought I’d share the video script template I’m using for Explainer Videos, Affiliate or CPA Promotional Videos or any Review Video: Amazon, Launch Jacking it makes no odds because, right now, you have a problem:

  • Viewers are easily bored
  • You have limited time ( 10 seconds or less) to convince them to keep watching
  • Short to the point wins the day. Waffling = Click aways!
  • Without giving them a ‘Kick’ every now and then they will be clicking on those ‘Related Videos’ before you can say, “Whoops! Or Dammit!”

So let’s address fixing those problems first and then I’ll give you an example.

Here’s my Explainer Video Script breakdown

  • INTRO 1: Talking Head – 5-10 Second ‘Teaser’ Pitch. Address the ‘Pain’!
  • INTRO 2: ‘Bumper’ e.g. Animated Logo ( 5 seconds)
  • OPEN: Talking Head – Who am I? What I’m going to talk about?
  • PROBLEM: Slides – Problems? Amplify!
  • PRODUCT: Box Shot/Screenshot – Does it solve the problem(s)?
  • SHOW: Product run through – Screen Capture
  • BENEFITS: Slides – How it removes Pain Points
  • CLARIFY: Talking Head + Annotations – Downside? Who the product is for/not for. Similar products and price points.
  • OBJECTIONS: Guarantee etc./Trust worthiness/Ease of Use
  • HURRY: Early Bird etc. if applicable
  • STAR RATING: My rating (audio + animated)
  • SELL: Call To Action (audio + animated)
  • CLOSE: Why it’s cool. Strong final Call To Action (audio + animated)
  • THANKS: Talking Head- Thanks for watching etc.
  • OUTRO: Animated – 5 seconds – ask for ‘likes’ ‘subscribe’ etc.
  • STATIC: 10 second Call To Action image – No audio/music



PS: I’ve used an animated talking head here in this example – normally it would be me on camera – but I just wanted to bang this example out quickly plus of course you might not be happy to appear on camera and this example shows that this is not necessarily an issue. You can replace the ‘Talking Head’ elements with Slides but do get an image of yourself in there to create trust!

Now if you are like me you’ll agree that the pivotal aspects of a video like this ( and Hey! I am sure you can do way better than my example here) is the animation aspects that are used as ‘Pattern Interrupts’ to keep our viewer watching.

All the animated aspects in my sample video –  Intro, Call To Action, Social Share, Ratings etc. were created using the new Viddyoze 2.0 App. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Now of course there are other aspects to take on board…

  • Keep the Explainer Script Video short – edit out the padding and ‘fluff’…
  • Put your ‘search term’ in the first 10 seconds…
  • Speak directly to the audience as if they are your friends…
  • Find the right tone – depends on the product…
  • Use humor wisely… I tend to go OTT 🙁
  • Pace yourself, don’t rush it and edit, edit, edit!

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You want to set up the problem as quickly as possible in your explainer video script, in no more than fifteen seconds. A problem can be explained quickly in a precise visual, or a series of shots showing the same problem over and over again for each person.

Speaking of that person, whether you chose to use disembodied voice over, or not, we need to experience the product through eyes of your key demographic…

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Another temptation might be to fill your script with juicy details about features. This is only natural – especially for people who work in sales. But generally speaking, the purpose of a video is to communicate the benefits of a product or service. Think less “how it technically works”, and more “how it can help you.”…

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You’re having trouble finding your keys, writing a novel, fixing a broken pipe or even writing an explainer video. The problem is your first step! You need to communicate a problem. If you don’t have a problem then you don’t have a product or service to offer as a solution. If you don’t have a solution then you’re just telling a story, which isn’t bad but just telling a story isn’t what an explainer video is about….

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