Get YouTube Views? REAL views that is!

Unless you have a decent-sized YouTube Subscriber base, who get informed when you upload something new to your Channel, OR have an email list to generate views of your videos you are kind of in Video Limbo!

So how DO you get YouTube views and start that traffic ball rolling?

Let’s look at some Get YouTube Views options – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ( in reverse order).

ONEGett Youtube views - the ugly

Back in the day you could purchase views to your YouTube videos via a Fiverr Gig. You still can IF you know no better! Fiverr is great for tons of stuff – just don’t go there to get YouTube views…

Today? FAIL! Those Fiverr Gig views to your YouTube videos are driven by Mobile bots, that watch maybe 2-3 seconds of your YouTube video:

  • Easily detected by YouTube
  • Views get ‘discounted‘ damn quick
  • High likelihood of your Channel being taken down

Plus those 3-second views damage your rankings as they tell YouTube your video is crap! ‘Time Watched’ is a massive factor in YT rankings, also known as ‘Engagement’.


But what if they say their YouTube views are real and not bot-generated?

Fiverr and other sites like Konker sometimes promise this and yes, if they are telling the truth, then they are kind of legit views:

But this means that they are likely using a service like…


Get youtube views - the Bad

Vagex. This is a software that you can download to your computer to run on autopilot to watch other Vagex members videos and they, in return, watch yours. You earn credits by doing that or you can buy credits. Vagex provides the software that you run on your computer so you can ‘set and forget‘ – or run on multiple computers if you want to ramp up your credits.

So yes these are ‘real’ YouTube views and Vagex automates everything but…

  • You have little, if any, control as to where those views are coming from ( do you not think that all your views coming from India or China might raise a Red Flag?)
  • You have little control over the ‘time’ watched

All views will likely come in ONE day ( do you think YT won’t notice?) Day 1: 1000 views – Day 2: Zero!

CAN work for a quick hit e.g. Launch Jacking but not good for long term rankings.

Most importantly those views are going straight to your YouTube URL


‘Micro Worker’ sites such as Microworkers, Mechanical Turk and others. On sites like these, you can get views for pennies and even instruct the real micro workers as to what you want them to do. Not TOO bad an option to generate a small clutch of ‘real’ views from sites like:

and give then a very specific task e.g. “Type into Google the search term ‘lose weight in 3 days’ and click the ‘Videos’ tab. When you find my video (it might be on page 10) [ give details of your YT User Name] click on it and watch all the way through”. But…

  • While this can work for a small number of views
  • YouTube sees that the view has come via a ‘search’ request ( that’s good!)
  • But those views all come virtually at once, or in one day ( no drip feed views)
  • You have to micro-manage your micro workers
  • Very difficult, if not impossible to verify what they have done, or not done, Just pay them and don’t sweat it

BUT I do have a workaround for this – check it out HERE


Ask family and friends to view, like, subscribe etc. to your video. Great! But once done it’s done. It’s a One-Hit affair. How many friends and family have you got anyway? Good to do on Day One but we need more right? And of course if you have multiple browser access, other than Chrome: IE/Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari then use those to kickstart your views.

SIX (but Pricey!)

Get YouTube views - the Good

How to get YouTube views to your YouTube videos

OK so what do we want/need? Best case scenario for REAL YouTube Video Views…

  • Our views need to come from real people
  • From countries like the USA, Europe etc.
  • The time watched needs to be ‘staggered’ to look natural
  • Likes/Subscribes/Favorites and Shares need to be an option and ‘random’
  • Plus we need to be able to ‘earn’ Credits to achieve the above


You NEED to find the solution – created by my mate Michael Bowes ( a guy who is on top of all this stuff!) and his Viper Software and App. I won’t try and pre-sell you just go and CHECK IT OUT!

It’s what I now use, every day on auto-pilot, to give me that extra edge when it comes to getting REAL views to my YouTube videos – new ones or old ones that just are not cutting it view-wise. No matter how good your pre-upload and post upload SEO there are times, especially when competing for highly competitive search terms, that it’s recent views that count.

In fact, you can beat older videos from established YouTube channels with a ton of views if your SEO is better and you have a constant trickle of views coming in, That’s where the Viper App comes into its own

Get YouTube views

NB: THIS OFFER IS OFTEN ‘CLOSED’ – Contact me at [email protected] if so and I’ll see what I can do for you

Video Traffic Viper

$97.00 and up







SEO Solution


Cutting Edge Tool



  • Only 'Real' Views Option
  • 'Set and Forget'
  • Rankings - BOOM!
  • Premium Software


  • Too pricey for some
  • You CAN rank without this
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