How To Get Banned On YouTube – Tips To Stay Safe

Let’s be careful out there

Let’s face it. YouTube is happiest when their visitors are watching funny cat videos all day long and clicking on ads.

Their natural inclination is NOT to provide a platform for marketers looking to get leads or make commissions from affiliate marketing.


As their Bots get smarter it should come as no surprise then that they are more than happy to suspend or ban anybody breaking their Terms of Service or being too ‘salesy‘.

YouTube and Google, or Facebook or any other Ad Revenue driven platform for that matter, simply HATE anybody other than them looking to make money without paying for Ads!

This is why there is a constant ongoing battle between ‘Black Hat’ Marketers using software to flood YouTube with videos that rank to make income before YouTube finds them out and takes them down – at which time those Marketers simply repeat the process. I’m not condemning those Marketers, but YouTube wants to!

Over and above the usual Black Hat stuff of uploading hundreds of ‘spun’ videos to multiple YouTube Channels via multiple GMail accounts and multiple Proxies and IP addresses ( yep, lots of people do that) there are other aspects of using YouTube as a Marketer to watch out for that might cause you problems even if you perceive yourself to be a pretty ‘White Hat’ guy or gal.

Things to look out for, especially in ‘new’ YouTube Channels:


  • Not personlalizing your Channel’s page with your social media profiles etc.
  • Not filling out Channel Description, adding Artwork etc.
  • Lack of consistency of uploads
  • Not using the Channel to watch, like, favorite other people’s videos and Channels
  • Overdoing it re uploads, especially on new channels. Safe is 5 a day, same with Livestream


  • Video content is not in synch. with Metadata i.e. Title, Description and Tags
  • URLs in Video 1, Channel A link to Video 2, Channel B – i.e. don’t cross link your Channels
  • Uploading multiple videos with the same or similar Metadata i.e.Title, Description and Tags
  • Re-using same Intros and Outros over and over – especially static images
  • Non-video related links in video Description
  • Suspect words in Titles etc. e.g. Hack, Crack etc.
  • Enabling monetization but also having affiliate links in Description, Cards, Endscreens
  • Content quality is lacking i.e. not providing search term related value to the viewer
  • Adding a video that YouTube perceives as being uploaded purely to drive traffic away from YouTube
  • ‘Associated’ Website content not related to video content
  • ‘Associated’ website has no links to Contact/About Us/Privacy pages etc. or more related content in /Blog for example

The more competitive the niche e.g. weight loss the more all of the above applies.

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