How To Make Money Online WITHOUT Buying a Product Telling You How To!

Can You Make Money Online WITHOUT Buying a Product Telling You How To Make Money Online?

I’ll try not to make this a RANT! Might be difficult but I’ll do my best 🙂

Lie #1: Making a Full-Time online income is EASY.


BUT if you understand the basics it IS realistic:

  • You need to be able to send people to an offer that appeals to them
  • An offer that strikes a chord with them, maybe something they are actively searching for
  • A problem they are facing that they need a solution for
  • An issue that they are prepared to pay to fix!

That, of course, can be anything…

  • How to make money online
  • How to stop their dog eating the furniture
  • How to become a Life Coach
  • How to be a better cook
  • How to profit from BitCoin
  • How to lose weight fast
  • How to get more leads and clients
  • How to…
  • How to…

That’s the basic scenario right?

And naturally, YOU ( or a program/product you have created or are affiliated with) has the potential solution to their problem. Nothing wrong with that!

That’s why you want to send them to the solution so you get paid for that ‘recommendation’. YAY! Product Sales and/or Affiliate Commissions!


Information overload and TRAFFIC! ( Not forgetting all the Bullshit out there too)

Standing out from all the competition ( and the B.S.) and driving traffic to your Offer, Pre-Sell page, Optin Page, E-Commerce Store whatever THAT’S the problem.

Unless you know how to rank on the search engines ‘organically’ i.e. via good SEO you will be lumbered with the next option which is paying for traffic.

It should come as no surprise to you that Google, Facebook and YouTube want you to pay them to allow/facilitate you to sell your stuff online!

This, of course, is why they make the life of internet marketers – who do NOT want to pay for traffic – as difficult as possible. The smarter their Bots and Algorithms become the tougher it is for us to get and, more importantly, retain high organic rankings and even when we do they are often buried beneath rows of Ads in the SERPS. It stinks!

If you are not prepared to pay for traffic you are regarded as a parasite by the ‘Powers That Be’.

And this is why all these Make Money Online courses and software/apps continue to sell as everybody frantically searches for the latest loophole to defeat Sky Net!



  • Learn how to rank your videos and websites organically using 100% White Hat tactics?
  • Or go Grey/Black Hat and live in constant fear that you will be ‘smacked’ down the road?
  • Create valuable content and Authority websites?
  • Spread your content across multiple social media platforms?

OR Pay For Traffic?

  • Build Authority Blogs with hundreds of pages of solid content?
  • Create YouTube Channels that offer ‘real’ helpful or interesting stuff?
  • Facebook Pages ditto?
  • Instagram accounts ditto?

To engage people so you can capture their contact details hopefully making some sales along the way even if it’s just selling them a Tee Shirt!

OR Pay For Traffic?

That’s the reality I’m afraid – shortcuts don’t work or are temporary at best – and I’m simply asking the question.

Either way, build a list of people interested in your niche to take the marketing out of the control of the Search Engines and their self-serving vagaries as much as possible is KEY!

Build a tribe in a Forum, Group, Subscriber List that YOU control and give them your best content all the time. Generate trust by so doing and don’t promote crap to them!

In ANY Niche you/we choose!

Use the search engines to find your audience but never rely on the search engines to stay in contact with that audience. Got a Blog? Give people multiple reasons to subscribe for content updates. But, yep, it’s hard work unless you are totally enthused about your niche!

Got a Facebook Page? Give people multiple reasons to join for content updates.The primary one should be that your content is informative and entertaining. Same applies to whatever your marketing, Social Media platform is.

As you build your tribe then you can, in theory, charge more for your products. Occasionally I see $17 products offering higher value and way better content than $1000 products created by ‘names’ – the Gurus that we hear so much about! – Personally, I’d just rather pick a price point that’s fair – but it’s your call on that one.

DEFINITION OF A GURU: Somebody who built a BIG list before you even thought about it!

So the great news of having Guru Status is that you can ( thanks to that massive list you built) sell a $17 product for $1700 or $17000, I see it all the time, so making just 10 sales creates a life changing 5 or 6 figure income as opposed to $170! Crazy right? Email 100,000 people and find just 10 that will send you $2k plus – easy!

Gurus??? – don’t get me started!


[ ‘Price Points’ might be a topic for another post 🙂 ]

But, Gurus aside, in the end it all boils down to time and money when you have no Tribe!

  • Do you have the time, and knowledge, to create great content every day?

If so that’s great but are you prepared to wait for the results of all that effort knowing that a future payday is not guaranteed? While doing so can you resist the temptation of jumping from a new idea, or the next owing to your frustration at not seeing quick results?

Or have you considered skipping the hard work of building authority sites etc. by paying for a Targeted Ad to entice people to your offers. I’m just asking 🙂

That’s the paradox in a nutshell: Hard, honest Work versus paying for traffic ( maybe both?)

But let’s not forget another popular option:

  • Create crap products by simply ripping off other peoples’ hard work and sell as your own
  • Products that offer nothing new – just rehashed information presented as ‘New’
  • By doing so build a list of people that are prepared to buy that kind of shit
  • People that will not action anything – especially if work is involved
  • Promote similar shit to them every day, via email, and get commissions safe in the knowledge that a percentage will buy
  • Dangle the carrot of ‘Internet Success’ to keep them buying
  • Rinse and Repeat.
  • One Cheesy Offer after another – sound familiar?

OK, that was a bit harsh but true a lot of the time – and I went into RANT Mode – sorry!

There are good training products out there, they don’t all cost $1k plus, but DO pick and choose!


Feel free to comment…


NAH! COME ON! IT’S A JOKE ( for now!)


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