Instant Video Wizard – Real Review and Serious Bonus


I can’t tell you how excited I was when Jonathan Leger mailed me about the upcoming launch of Instant Video Wizard – this is quite simply the best video creation tool I have ever come across!

Instant Video Wizard – Launching October 2nd

What specifically got me all worked up was the ‘synchronicity’ of IVW coming to market at a time when I was in the process of creating a new membership site providing Done4U videos to promote Evergreen affiliate products on Clickbank.

What was slowing me down was the fact that I needed to create 10 very cool videos fast and then produce another 5 every month. What to do? Sacrifice the quality, and length, of those videos so I could churn them out fast OR spend a lot of time making them real assets for my prospective members.

Obviously I opted for the second option but was dreading the work involved. So when Jonathan’s email arrived and I checked out the walk through of Instant Video Wizard I was like a giggly teenager: OMG! OMG! 🙂


  • Instant Video Wizard includes dozens of themes – making your videos stand out from the crowd
  • A searchable library of half a million royalty free images
  • A searchable library of 100,00 video clips
  • 100,000 Royalty Free music files – never search or pay for content again
  • Multiple Image Filters and FX to edit your slides ( all of them or individually)
  • Add a text or image watermark to stamp your authority on your videos – all of them or change individually
  • Text to Speech. male or female, into 15 languages or import your own audio – even edit audio on a slide by slide basis
  • Add new slides and adjust length of time it shows – perfect for creating an End Screen Call To Action slide for the last 1-20 seconds of your video that can be made clickable inside youtube – to your approved website for example
  • Massive ‘Speed of Implementation’!


[ I will be replacing this with my own walk through once I gain access – I am seriously frustrated that I won’t be able to play with it just yet!  [So, yes, right now my Review is based on what I’ve seen and not what I’ve tested 🙁 ]

Who is Instant Video Wizard for ( apart from me)?

  1. For serious affiliate marketers doing ‘real’ Product Reviews for Niche Products, Amazon Products, CPA offers but wanting to beat out the crappy reviews by providing a seriously professionally produced Review Video
  2. Offline Marketers looking to give their clients professional Lead Capture videos ( and charge them accordingy)
  3. Anybody looking for a ‘service’ to provide clients for Big Bucks

Look, the videos that Instant Video Wizard produces – and let’s not forget how fast you can create them – are the best I’ve seen combining, as they do, images/video clips/text/FX/music and more. If you are a serious Video Marketer you will swallow the price because yes, I agree, the price seems high and IS compared to the standard ‘Doodle’ type videos and products like Explaindio etc.

But that is like comparing Windows Movie Maker to Camtasia or a Big Mac to Kobi Beef cooked by Gordon Ramsay!

And that’s fine! I get that this is not for everybody and do NOT buy if money’s tight or you are happy with your current video marketing tools and software.

But if you are on the fence I have some cool and relevant Bonuses for you that will expedite your use of Instant Video Wizard:


Check Out IVW here >>>

Instant Video Wizard Pre-Launch UPDATE: 8th September

This is SO cool import video clips from a MASSIVE, searchable, library of tens of thousands video clips to import into your main video

Instant Video Wizard Pre-Launch UPDATE: 16th September

Instant Video Wizard now also creates square videos – the kind that Facebook and Instagram love – and which are the best way to view videos on mobile phones:

Check Out IVW here >>>

Instant Video Wizard Pre-Launch UPDATE: 22nd September

  1. Instant Video Wizard latest pre-release updates include multiple FX to add to the video files imported into the main video – all kinds of filters to add on a slide by slide basis or individually.
  2. Audio FX add sound FX filters to voice-over, again on individual slide option
  3. Add new transitions to your finished video before download

Check Out IVW here >>>

Instant Video Wizard Pre-Launch UPDATE: 1st October


STILL ON THE FENCE? Pick Your Preferred Instant Video Wizard Webinar Time & Date

Instant Video Wizard








Built In Editing Options


Cutting Edge Tool



  • Create Pro Slide Shows Fast
  • Include Text/Images/Videos
  • Text To Speech or Your Audio
  • Batch Edit Slides or Individually
  • Massive Media Libraries Included


  • Too Pricey For Many
  • Annual License Fee
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  1. Jonathan just mailed me: GET THIS!
    “We’ve partnered with GraphicStock.com, VideoBlocks.com and AudioBlocks.com to give you an unparalleled amount of content to use in user videos. All of that content costs $45,000 / year — but users get access to it all at no extra cost!”. Maybe that high price point is making more sense now?

    485,000 more royalty-free images
    115,000 more royalty-free video clips
    100,000 more royalty-free music tracks

  2. Now this is one cool blog and the gifts are appreciated. Instant Video Wizard is a bit pricey but i can see how the quality of what`s inside is way beyond the normal chap video maker. Hell I go a bit farther and say it is well beyond the more expensive videos makers too. Well you get what you pay for don`t you? You have a classy place here. The whole thing is quality. Will definitely be back to see what is going on over this way from time to time

  3. OMG Clive !

    This tool is wonderful! Anyone who doesn’t want to be in front of the camera but who wish a very professional video will be able to do it with this great tool! I’m speechless… it’s a pure gold for everyone serious in business. Thank you for it.

  4. That is a very comprehensive looking program. If you make a lot of videos it would save you time.

  5. Wow… just WOW!
    Clive, this is a marketers dream. It could (should) put all the Mickey Mouse, half-baked, built-to-break-so-you-buy-my-next-POS, softwares right out of the marketplace. This may just be the “missing link” in the IM space that legitimizes the genre. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out.

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