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[ Search term: What users key into a search engine when they want to find something specific online. A search term can be a single keyword or a combination of words, e.g. “tinnitus” or “cure for tinnitus” ]

Now, let’s be clear, and it will become apparent in the Paid Traffic Module of your Mind Map that it is not always necessary to target and rank (in Google and other search engines) for the search terms that your potential subscribers and buyers are typing into the search box to drive traffic to your Opt-in Page(s).

But for now let’s assume that you do. Maybe you want to rank a Blog Post or a YouTube Video to drive traffic to your page and offers.

So how do you discover what people interested in your Niche are searching for?

P.S. This also super important if  you are going down the Pay Per Click Ad route later.

Why not ask Google? It’s really that simple.

Google has what is known as ‘predictive’ search – as you type a word into Google (or Bing) it tries to predict what you are searching for:

Or simply enter your niche name and then add a letter, ‘a’, ‘b’ etc.


And the good news is that Google are suggesting those search terms as people are ‘actively’ typing those search phrases into the search box.

Have a play around with this and see for yourself and get ideas for blog posts to write or videos to create, and optimize for, around these terms.

Also look at the bottom of every search results page…

…to get even more ideas re terms to target that people are actively searching for.

Visit free sites such as

Type in a generic search term e.g ‘Weight Loss’ to get more ideas.

To speed up the process I use a cool piece of software called Keyword Hog

Just type in your main niche keyword and it goes out and finds ALL the predicted searches. Like all the software I use this simply saves me a ton of time!

Once you have a list of search phrases to explore take them over to Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to get some idea of search volume.

Use option #2 as shown here:

Plus use the free research tool JAAXY HERE which is especially cool if, like me, you like sending traffic to your pages using ranked YouTube videos.

Or use a free trial version of SEM Rush – there are a bunch of other keyword related tools you can use but I’m trying to keep these tutorials short and sweet.

Check out the results on page #1 of the search engines (including YouTube) to decide which to target in your promotional campaigns.

Browser Add Ons/Extensions such as SEO Toolbar for Firefox or Moz Bar for Chrome can give you an immediate insight into how many back links and social signals a post, page or video has to see if you can compete…

Using Mozbar, as in the above search for example, gives me a good idea of why these pages are ranking high – Page Authority and Back links etc. – but don’t get too tied up in this, I just use it to get an overview for my top search terms.

Now use the Google Keyword Planner to find which are the more popular terms to target. Paste your list of search terms into ‘option 2’ and check out  1) Searches and 2) Ad Spend

HINT: No ad spend indicates a search term not worth pursuing

The Google Keyword Planner is primarily a tool for finding search terms to target with paid ads but is useful to find keywords to target for free organic traffic too so utilize it – it’s free!

RULE OF THUMB: If people are paying to place an ad on a certain search term in Google you can be pretty sure that it’s worth targeting for free organic traffic, using SEO, too.

Google Keyword Planner Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GquYgCT8jSQ

Related content on the web re Search Term research:




P.S. You might also consider using the above tactics incorporating a number of ‘Buyer Intent’ phrases.

Buyer Intent search terms would begin with words such as ‘Where to buy…’ or ‘(Product name) review’. I have created a list of Buyer Intent search terms for you HERE


Yes it’s time consuming, especially if you do not use tools, but there is no point targeting search terms that nobody is actually searching for!

Finding the right terms to target is paramount in effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising too, but don’t worry – as you will find in later modules SEO is just one way of driving traffic to your offers.



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  1. Don’t over complicate it. In 20 minutes or so you can easily find some, say 6, search terms to target, Search terms that your Niche are typing into Google to find help and answers.

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