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Lingo Blaster and what it does has freaked me out! Hence my Hand Made Bonus!

We can now translate the Title and Description of YouTube videos and upload those translations to those videos in our channels. It’s new, YouTube encourage it and two friends of mine, Vlad and Stoica from BlasterSuite have automated the process.

This is massive as it means we, with our ONE video, can target multiple searches in multiple languages. It’s just a pain in the Bum to do it manually!

LingoBlaster re-released October 18th does the whole process for you on auto pilot!


Multiple YouTube accounts, multiple channels (when you get the Agency Option), all your video SEO translated into up to 100 languages! This is not only great news for us, the minority (trust me), who are in the know but it means we can get more views, higher rankings by giving YouTube (and Google) exactly what they want.

Now I have used Lingo Blaster but I want to make this a total no brainer purchase for you.

First watch my Lingo blaster walkthru video above and then purchase and get my ‘outside the box’ Best Video Description Template to to take this tactic to another level so that EVERY video you create gets maximum love, and higher rankings from YouTube PLUS opens up the 75% of a global audience who would likely not normally find you online.


Go to your Channel Description and your Playlists Descriptions and while, as yet, you do not have the option to add translations of those Descriptions you could – by copying and pasting your descriptions into Google Translate have at least one translated version e.g. Spanish be included in those descriptions.

Now that brings me to Closed Captions ( or Sub Titles) for some time now we have been able to edit our own subtitles – back in the day YouTube did a lousy job so editing in keywords into your captions made good SEO sense and still does. But the YouTube and Google translation engines are way, way better today.

So much so that I now rarely have to edit my auto-generated ‘English’ captions much. But new options in YouTube make translating and adding Closed Captions in multiple languages super easy. More details in my Exclusive Lingo Blaster Bonus – see below.

BUT LET’S BE CLEAR! LINGO BLASTER DOES NOT TRANSLATE YOUR VIDEO ‘CLOSED CAPTION’ i.e. SUBTITLES! But I show you how to do that, the fast and easy way, in my Lingo blaster Bonus


Lingo Blaster Upsells and OTO’s? – I recommend #1 if you have multiple YT accounts or Channels, #2 if you intend to sell this as a service to others (Offline Marketers should be all over this) and #3 and #4 as I use them both but they’re optional but they are great pieces of software…

Lingoblaster OTO and funnel

Built-In Bonuses

lingoblaster bonus

Lingo Blaster – Bonus: Video Lead Studio

lingoblaster bonus

Lingo Blaster Bonus: SplitBlaster

My Exclusive Lingo Blaster Bonus

The only problem you might face with Lingo Blaster is you have to have a really good video Title and Description in place prior to translating it right? Here’s my step by step training to writing a perfecty optimized YouTube video Description plus an example (currently ranking #1 on YouTube and Google) for you to emulate..

AND a walkthru of the new easy way to add translated Closed Captions to your videos – this is new on YouTube and will make for the perfect Double Whammy to boost your video SEO to the Max!

Lingo Blaster Bonus


Check out Lingo Blaster

Lingo Blaster








SEO Solution


Cutting Edge Tool



  • Low Cost
  • SEO Benefits
  • PC and Mac Friendly


  • Does NOT translate Closed Captions
  • Does NOT translate Tags
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