Locustware Review & Walkthrough

OK I want to throw up an idea for you, something different and that only a few ‘in the know’ marketers are using and doing – right now – to drive traffic to their Optin Pages, Affiliate or CPA offers, anywhere basically.

Here’s my Locustware Back Story:

In May last year I was invited to a Marketing Event in San Antonio, Texas – my first ever visit to the USA – where I met, in person for the first time, my long time Internet pal Cliff Carrigan and was introduced to what he was doing online with his team and it blew my mind!

Yours truly speaking at Cliff’s Locustware Event – I was brilliant BTW 🙂

Just 8 months later and Cliff’s Locustware suite of Marketing tools has grown at an exponential rate, as has his membership.

The latest and greatest tool as far as I’m concerned is the latest addition to his Organic Traffic Platform – that latest addition to which is named ‘The Phantom’ and it can be hard to explain how cool this is.

So here’s my Phantom walkthrough to, hopefully, blow your mind at the possibilities of generating hundreds of thousands of Keyword optimised pages ‘forcing’ visitors to anywhere you want on the web.

Locustware Review – OTP Phantom Walkthrough
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  • Only for SERIOUS Marketers
  • Monthly Fees Scare People
  • Get Over It!
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