Locustware Users – This Is For You

This is a quick post especially for users of Cliff’s Locustware tools – specifically the OTP – Organic Traffic Platforms.

But it IS time sensitive – sorry about that as I just found this.

Firstly let me say how cool it was to meet you guys in Texas and for giving me such an outstanding reception. If you didn’t make it I look forward to seeing you in Vegas next year.

When Cliff unveiled the latest addition to the Locustware Toolbox aka ‘The Beast’ we were all blown away!

Whatever you are using ‘The Beast’ to drive traffic to by creating tens or hundreds of thousands of indexed pages in the SERPS that ALL point back to ONE optin page or offer I just bought this today as it seemed like a perfect fit:

>>> Covert Commissions

I know Cindy Donovan whose Brainchild this is and she’s a great Aussie chick with her finger on the pulse of Internet Marketing. The platform has been running for over a year or so already and the doors have been opened again, with improvements. To me that’s always a good sign: Longevity, Good Support and Ongoing Updates.

So, why is this a good fit for me, and perhaps you too?

  • The platform hosts the Optin Pages that you will send your OTP traffic to
  • They provide a nice optin bait/gift and deliver it to your new Subscribers
  • They follow up with a series of auto-responder emails to sell more niche related products and cross promote other products all with your JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank ID affiliate links (sign up with them for free to get those IDs if you don’t have them all yet)
  • Heck you can even forget about all that GDPR stuff that’s been hitting our Inboxes all week!
  • OTP allows us to become Traffic Machines! Send it to these pages…

…so YOU get all the commissions, often including High Ticket and Residual Payments too with Lifetime Payments in many cases.

So: no Hosting, Fulfilment or even Autoresponder issues to worry about – you just send traffic and that, as we know, is what the Locustware tools are all about. Plus I can use my other traffic sources too of course – for me that’s video and my list maybe even an FB Ad here or there for higher ticket offers.

I did get the OTO as well, which opens up more choices of niches and pages to promote (with more added monthly), and also means that those subscribers get added to my personal autoresponder list too.


I think tomorrow is the cut off point and the last chance to get in for a while and don’t forget to use those coupon codes for discounts:

CC3OFF for main offer and CCSPECIAL for 14%  off the upsells if you want them. I got two as they are a fit for my business model.

Building funky looking landing pages, optin forms, plus finding optin bait and creating follow up emails takes time, time I’d rather spend building out my pages using Cliff’s tools so this seemed a No Brainer to me.


Cheers and yes I bought a Cowboy Hat before I left Texas…

PS: If you have zero idea what Locustware software is, have no fear. Cliff and I, as his JV Manager, will be promoting the new additions in a couple of weeks and I’ll send you all the info then. It’s exciting stuff!

I’m committed to making this year and next my best ever online and achieving exponential growth – I feel Covert Commissions to be a fit with that ambition.


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