Much of the Training Products I have created over the years will not be listed here as changes in YouTube or elsewhere have made some of the content obsolete.

For example my very first Training Course Tube Implant and the follow up Tube Illuminati were primarily about adding ‘buttons’ into videos during the editing process and how to make them clickable in YouTube, via an Annotation, taking the viewer directly to your associated web site.

However YouTube ‘retired’ clickable annotations in June 2017 although the method I suggested can still work well with YouTube’s new ‘End Screens’.

As I pride myself on constantly updating my training the above has been taken into account in my latest YouTube Training: Tube Commandments

Other training which, when I released it, was ‘cutting edge‘ but for obvious reasons has since become common knowledge as the years have gone by. While that makes me feel good I’m not going to sell you something when you can easily find the solution online. The two products I first mentioned are examples of that as was my Tube Association training which showed how to associate multiple websites with one YouTube Channel.

Another example of changes on the web would be how Google Hangouts have been very much replaced by Live Streaming. Facebook too is changing all the time. Then there are the WordPress Plugins that no longer work due to WordPress updates. Software that worked back in the day but, due to lack of updates by the creators, has failed to keep up with changes by Google etc. and so is now worthless. Frustrating isn’t it?

Many SEO techniques that were ‘the next big thing‘ back in the day but are now considered as spammy by the search engines is another example of how the web is in a constant state of flux.

Who knows? Maybe my latest SEO training Bam Bam Backlinks will be perceived as Black Hat in the future but for now it’s not and has been received very well by the Internet Marketers who have checked it out.

I’ve developed a few WordPress Plugins in my time in fact there is one included in the Bam Bam Backlinks course above. Another is my URL Revolution Plugin. Use it as a redirect url creator to tidy up affiliate links with the added benefit of being able to rotate the offer that the link goes too. Test 3 or more offers to see which converts best. Update on the fly in your WordPress Blog’s Admin area deleting, editing or adding new links.

More ‘up to the minute‘ products coming soon. My next BIG Project – the Speedy Content Club, done for you research and videos for top selling and evergreen affiliate products…



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