Residual Income From Digital Products

OK so you’ve started building your list via your Evergreen Money Page.

You’ve followed the training and have a low priced offer on your Delivery Page to recoup some or all of your Ad Spend if you have gone down the ‘Paid’ Traffic Route. That’s great!

But don’t be one of those marketers that just chases $5 commissions!

For the same amount of work you can get commissions on High Ticket items and/or promote products that give you residual, recurring income. Makes far more sense to me!

In the Make Money Online niche recurring income can come from promoting Hosting accounts, an Email Autoresponder service or a WordPress Themes membership.

In the Dog Training niche for example you can get residual payments for every month that your Subscriber remains a member of a membership site you promote.

Here’s how to find products paying recurring income to you that your niche will be interested in.

In use the Advanced Search option for your main market using a generic search term and then click the recurring payments option:

For ‘Dog Training’ you’ll see a result like this:

Try that with products that YOUR niche might find of use:


Now the Clickbank Search option is not the greatest which is why I use CB ENGINE which I can set to show ALL the recurring income products in the Clickbank Marketplace…

I hope your mind is spinning with ideas on what to promote to your Subscribers in your email follow up sequence!

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