Stop Paying For Royalty ‘Free’ Stock Images And Video Footage. GETTY IMAGES SUCK!

There has always been a major problem with Royalty Free Imagery and Video Footage.

With either the free options, or paid , that we are offered the result is always us having to download TERABYTES of zipped folders – non searchable – and the end result is we have a clogged Hard Drive of media files that we never flipping use!

How are we going to find, in all that stuff, a video or image related, say, to ‘building‘ or ‘spiritual‘ or whatever we are looking for. Very frustrating!

Option 2 of course is to pay Big Bucks to Stock Libraries like Getty Images etc. OR get a monthly subscription to Stock Libraries such as Bigstock.com.

That works out cheaper but only when you have a big sign on the wall to remind you:


So this is a solution:

The Video Resource Club

I just got this + the first OTO and I will save a minimum of $700 per year but also a shed load of time….

Here’s the sales funnel. As I say I just got Front End and the first Upsell – Im not intersted in Animations or some monthly option ( kind of defeats the point!)

Yeah Too Much – those funnels will kind of kill you right?

Point is that while I have access to a number of Royalty Free sites e.g. Pexel.com ( and similar) this offer, one time payment for Lifetime Access, means I have a ‘searchable’ library to go to and can just download what I need when I need it. Saving money and time! NO BRAINER!

Plus it’s going to be updated with new content regularly – so well worth it to have a ‘One Stop Free Shop‘ site to get all my imagery and video from AND sell to clients! As I understand it this will become a monthly membership but you can get in now for a one time investment…

Video Resources Club








Money Saving


Searchable Library



  • No monthly fee
  • Videos, Images and FX
  • Silly Cheap!
  • Searchable Content
  • Download what you need, when you need it


  • Will never get the same content as paid libraries
  • But what the heck!

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