Static Swarm – Mass Page Building Software ( with a VERY smart twist)!

Static Swarm Review

My friend and software developer par excellence, Cliff, just keeps coming out with simply amazing programs for anybody serious about making an online income.

I just checked out his latest addition to the Locustware Suite of Tools his members have access to and it totally blew me away it’s an HTML page builder called Static Swarm.

Imagine being able to create tens of thousands of niche and search term related pages, all optimized to appear in Google and Bing’s rankings!

That would be cool enough!

But what if every single one of those thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of pages when clicked in the Search Results takes the visitor to ONE specific page!!! A page that you choose…

  • Any Affiliate Offer
  • CPA Offers ( multi-languages!)
  • An Optin Page
  • An E-Commerce Shop Page
  • A YouTube Video
  • Anywhere!

That is the USP ( Unique Selling Point) of Static Swarm. This is crazy smart stuff, my brain is going into overload at the possibilities…

Is Static Swarm Black Hat? Well since Google doesn’t own the Internet ( but think they do) and having them always punishing us Internet Marketers whenever they can I welcome the opportunity to hit back this way. So no, not Black Hat just super smart marketing using cutting edge software.

What makes Static Swarm a no brainer for me is the Support Team Cliff has built around his products and the Locustware Credo: ‘No Marketer Left Behind’ – whatever your level of expertise the Support, Training and Mentorship is built in via the dedicated Forum and Chat Group.

Something like this comes along once in a Blue Moon, a completely different mindset to creating income and lead generating assets with no limits!

Yes, it’s way different from the usual IM stuff we see every day and the price and ‘complexity’ of Static Swarm will scare off many. Personally I see it as an amazing possibility to create multiple income streams fast.

Static Swarm








SEO Solution


Cutting Edge Tool



  • Creates 1000's of SEO'd pages fast
  • Just one of a suite of tools
  • Massive Support
  • Includes Chatroom & Forum access
  • Multi-Language Facility


  • Monthly membership
  • Fairly steep learning curve
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Clive McG