The Best YouTube Video Review Format

How to write a video script

Stuck on scriptwriting ideas for your review videos?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Plan your script

As with anything creative, it’s imperative that you have a basic idea of what you are hoping to create. Failing to plan at the script stage could lead to unexpected costs further down the line. If you come across any problems at the script stage, you can easily tweak and change and even start again. However, if those changes need to be made once the video has been recorded, illustrated, animated, or recorded by the voiceover artist, then you could incur further costs.

Your brief or plan document should cover:

  • What the video is about.
  • Who the audience is.
  • Where the video will be used.
  • What are the key messages to get across?
  • What sort of visual style the video should follow (this will help you visualise the action-on-screen.)
  • What sort of storytelling style the video should use (this will help define the tone and linguistics of your voiceover.)

Based on this information, you should have enough to put together a first draft of the script.


If you’re really struggling to know where to start, this simple formula might be helpful. Of course, no two videos are exactly the same, but this classic formula for an introductory explainer video helps us get started time after time.

1. Audience/Problem – Start by defining the pain point your product or service has been introduced to overcome. Massage and elaborate on this problem; what does it mean? How is it manifesting itself in your target audience’s life? How is it holding them back?

2. Solution – Introduce your product or service and explain briefly how it solves this problem.

3. Benefits & USPs – Run through 3-4 of your main benefits and USPs that differentiate your product or service from the competition.

4. Call To Action (CTA) – It’s impossible to get across everything about your product or service in 60 seconds, so at the end of the video, you really need to give your viewers a ‘signpost’ to nudge them along to the next step in your sales journey. Make sure to include telling them what to do next e.g. Click the link in the Description below

2. Keep it short

We all know that, when we’re passionate about something, talking about it is easy. And not just that – we’ll talk about the things we’re interested in at length and in great detail.

That isn’t always a good thing when it comes to writing a video script! You’ll quickly find yourself fighting a natural instinct to include every single benefit of your product or service.

Particularly for promotional video content like an explainer video or video ad, you’re battling against the attention span of your audience.

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