Thumbnail Blaster Review, Bonus and Walkthrough

Thumbnail Blaster Review and Bonus details. Thumbnail created using Thumbnail Blaster by Blastersuite
Thumbnail created using Thumbnail Blaster by Blastersuite

Thumbnail Blaster Review and Bonus Details

If you know me you’ll know that I love playing with Graphics in PhotoShop and so my YouTube thumbnails always look cool. I know that a funky looking Thumbnail is as important as my video Title – even more so to some extent…

BUT I also know that a funky Thumbnail is more likely to get clicked in YouTube or Google search – which will increase my CTR (Click Through Rate) and that ALONE will get me higher rankings! Click Bait Thumbnails are a Zero Brainer!

NOTE: EVERY Thumbnail you see here or in the videos on this page was created with Thumbnail Blaster!

Thumbnail Blaster Review Video

Thumbnail Blaster Review and Bonus details

OK so you’ve been checking out Thumbnail Blaster and arrived here via a Google Search or my Thumbnail Blaster Review videos on YouTube – was it my Thumbnail that encouraged you to click? 🙂 Or perhaps via my Facebook Group or maybe you are a lovely, lovely person who is a subscriber on my email list of savvy marketers (details below this post).

The Thumbnail Blaster Sales Funnel

It’s always good to know what to expect when a new product is launched. What are the OTO’s ( One Time Offers) or Upsells that you are presented with as you go through the product’s sales funnel. Here’s the nitty gritty…

  • Front End: Thumbnail Blaster including ‘Split Test’ option”
  • OTO #1: Template Club – 20 new Templates/month + BONUS: 20 VIP templates
  • OTO #2: Pro Version – Multiple accounts. A.I. Image Analyzer and save your Templates for future editing ( the ‘save’ option is a Biggy!)
  • OTO #3: Agency Upgrade – Agency rights including Agency website

Thumbnail Blaster Samples…

I’ve been using this tool for months now. Let’s be clear – the 100+ templates are fully editable – so much so that you can make them uniquely your own really easily and even a Photoshop junkie like me is seriously impressed…

My Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses

I’m not some heavy-hitting Guru with a Big List or a guy that promotes stuff he actually has not tested. I choose to do something different and create ‘personalized’ Bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else…

Thumbnail Blaster Bonus #1
thumbnail blaster bonus 2
Thumbnail Blaster Bonus 2

Simply send your Thumblaster thumbnail ( or any Video thumbnail – minimum size: 1280 x 720 pixels) to my Support Desk and I, or my graphics guy, will transform it into a 10 second ‘Intro’ video in mp4 format

Or create a Call To Action outro image in Thumbnail Blaster and I’ll do similar. Essentially having the text area remain static and other areas animated. I show a couple of examples in my Thumbnail Blaster Bonus video [Bonus Details below]:

Buy Thumbnail Blaster
Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses Video

New Thumbnail Blaster Bonus…

thumbnail blaster bonus 3
Thumbnail Blaster Bonus 3
Buy Thumbnail Blaster

As you will have seen in the OTO details on this post the Thumbnail Blaster Sales Funnel is a good one. It features excellent, congruent, upgrades to the Front End Offer. The GOOD NEWS for you is this:


AND The 100 Views Package PLUS the TUBE MATRIX interactive Mind Map – all the Video Optimisation Tips, Tactics and Tutorials you will ever need for ranking success.



Built-in Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses that come included…

Standard Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses
Buy Thumbnail Blaster

Price increases are sure to follow so grab this at the best price while you can HERE

Thumbnail Blaster


PC and Mac


Ease of Use


Cutting Edge App.


Price Point



  • Incredible Value
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • Nothing Else Like It Online
  • Incredible Support


  • Yep, there's a Sales Funnel but what would you expect?
  • You will create Thumbnails as cool as mine. Doh!

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  1. The Blaster suite has always been the most reliable suite of tools in my Video SEO arsenal and Thumbnail blaster lives up to that reputation. When Vlad contacted me to ask what I thought thought about the new Thumbnail Blaster cloud software, this is what I said to him, “Exquisite as always”

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