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It’s a hell of a thing to admit to, but as guy who has made his name in the internet marketing arena primarily via producing very cool ( if I say so myself!) and well received YouTube marketing training over the last few years that I won’t be producing another! Some stats from just one platform for my training courses… ( pretty healthy right?) I also publish and promote them elsewhere…

Even though there is a space for me to create a new one – as YouTube continually changes – I would be within my rights as a so called YouTube ‘expert’ to release a new updated course once a year to catch up on those changes but I won’t and the reason is because there’s a better option and I’d be a bullshitter if I ignored it or kept it from you.

So the reason I will be shelving that particular income stream is because of…

Video Marketing Insider by Adam Payne

I’ve known Adam for a number of years now and one thing we have in common is that we are both Englishmen living abroad – he’s in Japan and I’m in France.

The other is that we are heavily into YouTube as a marketing tool AND if you are a member of his Facebook Group or mine that we both enjoy consuming a quality beer on occasion!

Both of us actually practise what we preach and so another thing we have in common is a healthy disrespect for the majority of ‘easy fix’, ‘one stop solution’  training or software and ‘loophole’ shortcuts that drain out time, energy and PayPal balances for little if any return on those ‘investments’!

Video Marketing Insider Review – Video #1

Video Marketing Insider Review – Video #2

Because a 20 minute plus review of Video Marketing Insider, no matter how cool, will have you hitting the ‘close’ button 🙂 Yep, us Marketers sometimes have the attention span of a Goldfish! 🙂

Video Marketing Insider Review – Video #3

The is the one about the software included inside Video Marketing Insider

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Video Marketing Insider Review Overview and Score

$45 pm or $500 pa







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Cutting Edge Tools



  • Constantly Updated
  • Great For All Skill Sets
  • Access To 6 Unique Tools
  • A 'Real' Training Environment
  • For 'Serious' Marketers


  • Only for SERIOUS Video Marketers
  • Yeah! We all hate monthly fees
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