YouTube Channel Mastery – Review

YouTube Channel Mastery Review

YouTube Channel Mastery, released today is very timely for me. Why? Because I am building a new channel and want to do it right. Have you noticed recent changes in YouTube?

  • ‘Related Videos’ are no longer related to the video you are watching, they are related to your viewing history.
  • No more ‘auto-play’of YT videos when embedded on your site and those pesky ‘suggested’ videos insist on showing up.

What unites these and other changes in YouTube is its determination to keep people ‘on’ YouTube. So when you are asking your video viewers to ‘leave’ YouTube in a link beneath your video ( your or your client’s site or an affiliate offer) YouTube has become pretty unforgiving. If it’s apparent that your video and Channel are simply there to drive people off of YouTube you can get penalised.

Many marketers optimize there videos but hardly pay any attention to their channels. This is where Adam’s YouTube Channel Mastery comes into play.

I recently created a report on how to ‘strengthen’ your channel in YouTube’s eyes and am offering that as a Bonus to

==> Adam Payne’s Channel Mastery course.

First released in 2016 but now completely revamped from top to bottom for 2018 and beyond and for the recent YouTube changes.

If you don’t keep up with YouTube and what they want and expect from you then you will lose out, your rankings will drop and your channels may be penalised.

Fortunately my man Adam Payne stays on top of all this stuff so we don’t have to.

==> No upsells just $37 today via this link (but jumping to $47 tomorrow).

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I’m also going to offer buyers an insight into a new, non internet marketing channel of my own. How I’m optimizing it, monetizing it while attempting to keep YouTube happy. Naturally I’ll be using Adam’s YouTube Channel Mastery course tactics and training.

Full Bonus Details Here

Get YouTube Channel Mastery

YouTube Channel Mastery








Does What It Says


Cutting Edge Training



  • Does what it says on the tin
  • Nicely laid out membership area
  • Quality video content
  • From somebody who practises what he preaches


  • Would have liked to see more examples of channels that have done everything right
  • USE COUPON CODE ytcm5 for $5 Off
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